New King/Queen of the Court Mar 3

Our plan is to introduce a King/Queen of the Court format instead of organizing another league. This change will bring a fresh and exciting perspective to the game, where each game will feature two new players.

Start Date Mar 3

Duration 5 weeks for $25

Mar 3 – April 7

Number of spots available 28

14 people will be assigned to each side over 3 courts

Once the first of the three courts finishes, the other games finish with rally scoring first to 11.

“Winners move up and split, others stay and split.”

“When players from the far court win a game, they move to the bench and sit out the next game.”

At the end of the session, be sure to inform the organizer of the total number of games you played and provide them with your win-loss record. Two players will move each week so that the games remain fair and evenly matched.


March 3,2024 - April 7,2024 - 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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